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Calendar of Events

Click here to view our calendar of events.  We have an exciting schedule of Summer events, check it out

Hanover Library Robotics Club


Here at the Hanover Library Robotics Club, experiences await you!  The coaches follow a model created by FIRST, which is the acronym  

For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology.  


We aim to facilitate the learning of robotics, research, exploration, engineering, programming, problem solving, strategizing, communication, public speaking, teamwork, Gracious Professionalism and Coopertition.  All this happens in the context of six Core Values.


Core Value One:


We explore new skills and ideas


Core Value Two:


We enjoy and celebrate what we do!


Core Value Three:


We apply what we learn to improve our world


Core Value Four:


We use creativity and persistance to solve problems


Core Value Five:


We respect each other and embrace our differences--we vary by age, sex, color, public/private/home schooled, silly or serious, experienced or rookie, etc. etc. 


Everyone is welcome!


Core Value Six:


We are stronger when we work together!

Meet the Coaches


Coach Amy

Amy has loved solving problems since she was a little girl, and often got in trouble for taking things apart.  She holds a B.S. in mathematics, computer science, and biology from Baldwin Wallace University, and a Ph.D. in biochemistry from The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.  She is currently a professor in education and enjoys helping teachers implement engaging STEM activities in the classroom.  With research experience in industry, clinical, and academic settings, she enjoys mentoring students to help them learn problem-solving skills and how to work through the research process.  


Coach Jay

Jay Roth is a father of 4 boys, so has spent plenty of time playing with Legos.  He holds degrees in both Mechanical and Electrical Engineering from Penn State.  Jay has worked in the engineering field for 24 years with Elsner Engineering Works, Inc., currently serving as their Director of Sales.  Jay hopes to lend his experience and knowledge of engineering and machine design to help the teams excel in all of their projects.  With support from Elsner he can help the team see real world applications of robotics, machining, and other practical engineering applications.

Katie Morton_edited.png

Coach Katie

Katie loves helping kids discover new things and experience the joy of learning.  She has her B.A. in Biology from Illinois Wesleyan University, and her D.V.M from University of Illinois.  She has been actively teaching her own six children and other homeschooled students in the community.  She has an interest in science and math and loves learning alongside the kids in new areas like robotics and programming.  She has been coaching FIRST Lego League for two seasons.

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