Join our FTC team!


Thank you for your interest in the Guthrie Geeks, Hanover's FIRST Tech Challenge robotics team.  If you thrive on robotics and competition, the Guthrie Geeks might be the perfect club for you.  We are gearing up for our third season and are welcoming students aged 12 - 18 from eastern Adams county and western York county to join our team.


As a member of the Guthrie Geeks, you have the opportunity to design, build, innovate, program, and operate a custom robot and take on the annual challenge to be released by FIRST in September.  With each year's challenge you will work in a team to:

  • Develop a strategy to maximize competition points

  • Design robot components using computer-aided design (CAD) software

  • Prototype components and implement test-evaluate-improve processes

  • Build and troubleshoot the robot

  • Equip the robot with navigation sensors

  • Program the robot to operate autonomously

  • Exhibit the robot and the team's accomplishments in the community

You don't need to sacrifice your current sports or activities to join the team.  Almost all of our members are involved in additional sports and clubs for parts of the academic year.  We meet twice a week throughout the year, with additional opportunities to work on the robot as the scrimmages and tournaments approach.


If you wish to attend one of our team meetings or find out more about the program, please contact one of the team coaches at or the link below.  More information about the FIRST programs can be found at