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2019-2020 Season in Review

The Guthrie Geeks had an impressive inaugural season competing in the FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) “Skystone” game.  The 2019 challenge was to build an original robot that could operate autonomously and under remote control in a confined space to stack the maximum number of “stone” game pieces in  a limited amount of time.

Over the course of the COVID-truncated season, the team competed in three regional scrimmages and two state qualifying tournaments, achieving the semi-final round in one of the tournaments.  The team finished the competition year by showcasing the robot at the 2019 Hanover Builders Home and Garden Show, right before COVID-related restrictions were implemented across the state.

The team managed to have an operating robot at each event and added new capabilities to the robot throughout the competition season.  With a successful first season under its belt, the team is excited to kick off into FTC 2020! 

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