• Coach Katie

COVID Doesn’t Stop Robotics!!

FIRST, the international competitive youth robotics organization, has worked hard to mitigate the risks of the global pandemic while still offering all competing teams a complete and challenging annual robotics experience.

All kickoff announcements, the unveiling event for the details and rules of this year’s challenge, as well as all state qualifying competitions will be conducted online.  While these COVID mitigation plans change the environment of the competition, the fundamentals of the annual challenge remain the same.  The teams that work effectively, develop sound strategy, innovate, and continuously improve will rise to the top in the competitions.

Locally, COVID restrictions have temporarily displaced the Guthrie Geeks from its base at the Guthrie Memorial Library.  However, the team continues to meet in person and work through access to a retail space in the Grandview Plaza Shopping Center generously granted by Burkentine Builders, Inc.

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