• Richard King

Designing a "Wobble Arm"

For the 2020-2021 season, teams could score a significant number of points during the

end-game segment by lifting up and repositioning a game piece called the wobble goal outside the playing field. Consequently, our team needed a way to maneuver this game piece.

Wobble goals used in the 2020-2021 FTC season

At the start of the design process, we knew that servo motors were going to play a big part in our “wobble arm” solution. We started by building the servo controlled grip that would snugly and securely fit around the pole on the wobble goal. The next step was to attach the grip to an “arm” that could be elevated using a second servo motor.

After several testing, adjusting, and retesting cycles we managed to get the gripping mechanism secure, and mount the mechanism to an arm set at the correct angle to lift the wobble goal over the one foot high boundary surrounding the playing field. With persistence and patience we were able to consistently achieve the 40 points available for repositioning two wobble goals outside the playing field.

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