FTC unboxes goBilda Kit!

Members of FTC have spent five weeks evaluating different building systems in order to purchase the “best” one for their rookie competition season. And the winner is...goBilda! They list the following reasons for chosing this system.

1) It is metric rather than US customary.

2) It includes powerful planetary motors made with ball bearings and d-shafts. It also contains 280 degree servos that can be mounted with special brackets.

3) The kit uses both “goRail“ t-slot extrusion and low-sided u-channel which should allow for building a sturdy chassis

4) The company gives us 25% off all our purchases for the year with our team number.

5) The customer service has been spectacular so far and the spec sheets are great.

6) The kit is made of strong and sturdy metal...no plastic except for a few sprockets and the 100lb super chain.

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