• Coach Katie

Geeks Take on New Programming Language!

In its inaugural season, the Guthrie Geeks quickly learned the advantages of having a strong programming capability to maximize available points and adapt to changes in each round.  Consequently, the team will incorporate the JAVA programming language and develop game strategy programs through the Android Studio IDE.  This is a significant change for the team, which utilized an easier, but more simplistic blocks-based programming method in the previous year..

This movement to JAVA and Android Studio should allow the team to expand the robot’s autonomous mode boundaries.  The team expects to apply more nuanced commands to the robot and be able to more easily adapt to game board changes during the autonomous portion of each round.  Further, the team plans to incorporate an odometry capability to the robot for the 2020 season, which will provide more precision to the robot’s autonomous movement.  Finally, the team expects to establish the programming foundation for additional advanced sensors in future years.

This change represents a steep learning challenge for the team, but the students are moving ahead with full confidence in their ability to get the job done. 

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