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Significant progress made in Robot #16269--sights set on next season!

15 Feb 2020. The Guthrie Geeks were at it again--this time at the Lehigh Valley Qualifier at Emmaus High School, Emmaus, Pa. They returned to the competition field with a new and improved robot. They added a servo-powered "scorpion tail" to latch onto the foundation. They modified the servo-powered grabber to reliably and firmly pick up blocks, and they wrote an autonomous program that moved the foundation plate into the "build site" corner, and parked the robot under the alliance bridge. The drivers practiced the finesse of driving the now strafing robot--strafe means rapid side to side movements--and the stacking of "stones" to make a "skyscraper." They also perfected moving the foundation out of the corner during "end game." These skills served them well and they went into the final four semi-finals in Emmaus in hopes of qualifying for the PA State Competition. Unfortunately, the alliance fell short to the reigning world champions, and they did not qualify to go to Red Lion in two weeks. But, they were champions in their own right with the engineering advancements they made since the South Central PA Qualifier. "This near miss makes us all the more motivated to try again next year!" remarked Elijah and Tommy, Guthrie Geeks team members. Don't miss the opportunity to drive this amazing machine at the Builder's Show on March 12, 13, and 14.

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